Scream of Pleasure

Dedicated to Gazette's lovely drummer Kai

Leader-sama Kai
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All about Gazette's drummer Kai


Welcome to this community for Kai, Gazette's drummer with the lovely smile. There are several communities out there which are dedicated to him, but unfortunately most of them are, or are growing, inactive. So this community has been made to spread the love for this man through challenges and other ways. Everyone can contribute and is highly encouraged to do so. :)


* All posts should be related to Kai (obviously). Be it fanfiction, fanart, graphics, fanvideos, scans, translations, photos, etc. Please always credit when posting something that isn't yours. :)
* Which leads me to: no plagiarism!
* No bashing of Kai or any of the other band members, the fandom or other members in the community. No flaming either.
* Don't disable comments or link to locked posts. If you don't want everyone to see your work for whatever reason, you can lock the post to the community. :)
* Please use lj-cuts for large images and posts. Headers and descriptions, however, should always be placed outside a cut and for fanart and fanfiction they should include: pairing(s) (if any), rating, warnings, summary (for fanfiction).
* Lock all R/NC-17 entries to the comm, just in case.
* Please tag your entries! It makes it much easier for people to find what they're looking for. You can request new tags if needed.
* Advertising is allowed, as long as it is related to the band.
* You can contact the mod if there are any problems. :)
* Most importantly: enjoy! :)

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